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Health & Safety

  • Hazardous Items

Bio Safety Cleans trained technicians safely handles drug disposal and sharps from drug and medical use. We properly dispose of old medications and most chemicals.

  • Rodent Clean Up

Professional disinfecting and droppings removal in areas affected by pigeons rats, mice cockroaches and other rodents and/or insects will prevent dangerous bacteria, parasites and diseases from affecting your family’s health. Click here to learn more about our rodent clean up service.

  • Cat / Dog Clean Up

Our beloved pets can become an overwhelming problem when it comes to clean up.  Major clean up due to pets can include pulling up carpets, wooden sub-floor treatment and replacementand cleaning, disinfecting and sealing to prevent stains and odors from resurfacing. Click here to learn more about our pet clean up service.

  • Odor Removal

Stubborn odors, including odors from skunk, smoke and decomposition, call for experienced odor removal specialists.  Bio Safety Clean uses ozone generators and foggers to penetrate the entire spaces and to effectively remove odor from furniture, clothing and other personal belongings. Click here to learn more about our odor clean up service.

  • Police Department Services

Bio Safety Clean provides affordable, efficient, and quick emergency vehicle and equipment, jail/holding cell, and evidence room clean up for law enforcement agencies.  Click here to learn more about our police and emergency vehicle clean up service.

  • Fingerprint Dust Clean Up

Crime scene clean up to remove fingerprint dust is essential for effectively removing and neutralizing the black graphite powder of fingerprint dust.  This service will remove other substances used in investigation of trauma scenes. Click here to learn more about our fingerprint clean up service.

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